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1 January 2018. Agriculture (PSAK 69). Bearer Plants (Amendments to PSAK 16). Disclosure Initiative (Amendments to PSAK 2). Recognition of Deferred Tax ...

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1 January 2018. Agriculture (PSAK 69). Bearer Plants (Amendments to PSAK 16). Disclosure Initiative (Amendments to PSAK 2). Recognition of Deferred Tax ...

KPMG Isle of Man Summit Report 2010 -

Europe, North America and Asia via the Continent 8 ... an Asian based remote gambling ... SBOBET. We have demonstrated that. Premier league sponsorship is.

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vorbehalten. Der Name KPMG und das Logo sind eingetragene Markenzeichen von KPMG International.​​​ ... CAE Inc. 1500. Caesars Entertainment Corporation ... Kato Sangy o Co., Ltd. 5361 ... Sakura Sogo REIT Inv estment. Corporation.

PSAK 70 – Accounting for Assets and Liabilities of ... -

PSAK 70 allows 2 policy options: 1. “Normal accounting treatment”. Entities apply existing requirements in SAK in determining whether assets and/or liabilities.

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KPMG Siddharta Advisory. The registered public accounting firm of. Siddharta Widjaja & Rekan, one of the first accounting firms established in Indonesia, was ...

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sibilities. © 2015 KPMG LLP, a Delaware limited liability partnership and the U.S. member firm of the KPMG network of independent member firms affiliated with ...


24 Mar 2015 ... Independent News Service Private Limited (India TV) ... 14. ...

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smart audit platform — KPMG Clara. ... KPMG Clara — a smart audit platform. 3 ... The KPMG name and logo are registered trademarks or trademarks of KPMG ...

Indonesia -

A company will be resident in Indonesia if it is incorporated in Indonesia. ... shareholders, either individually or as a group, directly or indirectly, hold 50% or ...

En snabbguide i K3 -

Det gäller dock inte dotterföretag inom IFRS-koncerner. Där finns i stället möjlighet att tillämpa såväl RFR 2 som K3 eller K2 beroende på storlek. Eftersom K3 ska ...

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companies in the mobile and E-Gaming sector on their B2B operations and has also ... and Indonesia also represent an ... one legitimate way we [SBOBET] as a.

Tax Proposal 17 -

1 Jan 2019 ... 2 Tax Proposal 17: elements. 3 Snapshot of the proposed cantonal implementation. 4 International competitive tax rates today and tomorrow.

The Future: now streaming -

1 Apr 2016 ... Gadgets, especially smartphones and streaming media devices, and. • The app ... no exception, as nearly all the M&E sub-sectors in the country have ... Indonesia. 3.7. 3.0. 35% ... Trishul Vyuh, inspired from Mahabharata.73.

Lump-sum Taxation -

The special tax regime of lump-sum taxation is available to resident non-Swiss nationals who do not carry out a gainful activity in Switzerland. Instead of basing the ...

2018 fintech100 -

Operated by fintech company FinAccel, Kredivo functions like a digital credit card, enabling consumers without a credit card to shop online on credit and pay ...

The three lines of defense -

method is the three lines of defense framework, which evolved after the 1990s (1995 to 2001) when the demise exposed the sheer breadth and depth of ...

Aladdin: a whole new world -

15 Feb 2019 ... Aladdin: a whole new world? Speed read. Te recent Upper Tribunal decision in BlackRock Investment. Management (UK) Ltd v HMRC about ...

Технологический due diligence -

Технологический Due. Diligence: описание услуги. Услуга, включающая комплексный подход к выбору технологического решения и компании, ...

IFRS 9 for corporates -

2 Assessing the SPPI criterion. 8. 3 Investments in equity instruments. 15. 4 Financial liabilities. 18. Impairment. 22. 5 Scope of impairment requirements. 22.

Changes to form DGT-1/DGT-2 and the Indonesian ... -

1 Jan 2019 ... has issued a new regulation, PER-25/PJ/2018. (“PER-25”), that revises the current forms DGT-1 and DGT-2 and the anti-treaty abuse rules.

Cyber Campus -

In the real world, cyber security applies to all: large firms and small companies, tech experts, secretaries & CEOs. ASIA'S FIRST KPMG. CYBER CAMPUS. That's ...

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Internet banking: Klik BCA. Click Pay (PT Bank Mandiri ... a general nature and is not intended to address the circumstances of any particular individual or entity.

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безопасности), так и за счет реализации аналитик на платформе BI-систем. (QlickView и проч.) Разрабатываем методики идентификации признаков.

Investing in Indonesia -

30 Jun 2015 ... for Indonesia's economic, investment and political ... foreign and domestic Indonesian investors. Practical ... generally held around 65-70% of the free-float value of the ... proxies of the shareholders will have no voting rights.

CSR Survey 2020 -

1 Feb 2020 ... and software (182 per cent), Pharmaceuticals. (176 per cent), BFSI (157 per cent), Consumer products (146 per cent), Energy and power.

Finance in Indonesia -

Bank Mandiri has a large corporate loan base and the largest Sharia banking unit. — Bank Rakyat Indonesia (“BRI”) – the largest microfinance lender in the.

Insurance in Indonesia -

Jasindo. PT Asuransi Jasa Indonesia (“Jasindo”) was the largest insurer by gross premium income in 2014. Together with Sinar. Mas, Jasindo has the broadest ...

Assurance services -

A bespoke service catering to all types of alternative investments. We can provide you with assurance services for your and your stakeholders' benefit.

Country Tax Profile: Indonesia -

non-Indonesian tax resident, a 5% capital gains tax (final, due on the gross transfer value, which has to be at arm's length) will ... Double taxation relief is available under tax treaty with Indonesia treaty country partner. ... Singapore. 10% / 15%.

Defense ERP overview by country -

Lynfox conducts warehouse management system (WMS) function on SAP software identical to its own. — Application currently being interfaced to the greater ...

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Summary. The companies are required to file a Compliance. Certificate as specified in Schedule - II with the registrar with respect to filing of Income Tax return.

Notice of Step Increment -

20 May 2019 ... be registered by their employers using the eREG System shall be registered to the employer's RDO (for Non-Large Taxpayer-Employer) or the ...

Future State 2030 -

The findings identify nine global megatrends that are most salient to the future of governments and their core responsibilities of economic prosperity, security, ...

SAP licensing analysis and assessment -

CHF 5.4 million. The KPMG method. Data collection. • Systems. • User license types. • SAP statistics. Our approach. What's needed. • Transparent SAP licensing.

La realidad de los consumidores online -

alimentación por Internet? En este informe respondemos estas y otras preguntas, que pueden ayudar a documentar una estrategia online que sea más ...

POJK 6 – OJK Pronouncement on Accounting for ... -

of this POJK, the existing accounting treatments under PPAs, which generally fall under ISAK 8. Determining whether an Arrangement contains a. Lease or ISAK ...