Английский язык для путешествий» («English for Travel»

During the same period travel by bus and coach fell from 25 per cent to 10 per cent ... Translate the following: 1. ... The Niagara falls are on the U.S. — Canada.

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Английский язык для путешествий» («English for Travel»

During the same period travel by bus and coach fell from 25 per cent to 10 per cent ... Translate the following: 1. ... The Niagara falls are on the U.S. — Canada.

английский язык для химических специальностей english for ...

Text 21 A. Factors Influencing the Rate of Reactions.......................... 144 ... него включены основной текст, предтекстовые и послетекстовые фонети ческие ... Model: 21 — twenty-one ... He worked out his own corpuscular theory and its chemical ... while breathing oxygen, aircraft pilots operate at altitudes otherwise.

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phone booth / pay phone ... ОСНОВНОЙ ТЕКСТ УРОКА. Work. Job. Profession ... употребляется, как правило, в деловых и официальных текс- тах virtually.

english for post- graduates английский язык для аспирантов

of science – факультет естественных наук (биология, химия, физика и др.) ~ of engineering ... Maria Brown tells us about her educational background. Com- ... develop their presentation skills; they should also have had other opportunities.

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Д 29 Деловой английский язык = Business English [Текст]: учебно- ... phones, but some have payphones and boxes in the street and in public build- ings.

английский язык для ресторанного дела english for catering

Пособие охватывает ряд тем: национальная кухня, ресторан, правила ... кафе, кофейня ... sugar, cereals, noodles, to pay at the cash desk. ... official, hire, perform, job, spirits, get, account, require, responsibility, usually, characteristic,.

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(2009 - 6 ). A13 When the narrator says, “I do miss American convenience” it means that. 1) he wants ... administered by an independent National Park Authority.

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game. Model: A: We eat it. – B: Yes. We eat bread. A: We drink it. – B: No. We eat ... In pairs play “A snowball game” about Mike's ... I sing in spring “Ding-dong!

Английский язык

Прочитайте текст и ответьте на вопросы к тексту. English Town ... costing a penny in one section and all those costing more in the other, where the prices were ... the house. These young boys were called pages and as they grew older they had an ... To prevent the birds from flying away their wings are clipped every.

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26 мар 2012 ... умение проанализировать и осмыслить текст оригинала на ... исходящим на сцене, а не только аудиенция ... already said is concerned to the safety in town areas but a lot of dan- ... tion, main block and good ending.

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The United Nations officially came into being on October 24, 1945, when the Charter had been ... A greenhouse is a building made of glass, where you can grow flowers and vegetables that need a lot of ... and you will miss the bare branches in winter. ... Прочтите текст и поймите его общее содержание. At weekends in ...

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We are all friends and we love each other. ... Thank you. да. Это было очень вкусно. Спасибо. Would you like some dessert? ... B: Blue cheese will be fine.

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Тема: Описание грамматических особенностей южноафриканского варианта современного ... the mind. It's silence which is distracting because you notice all the ... Woman: Well, I think the CD's brilliant so I was prepared to 41.

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Педагогический анализ результатов уровня знаний студентов первого курса по дисциплине «Английский язык», полученных на базе среднего общего.


(начало письма), например, «Thank you for your recent letter»; «I was very glad to get your letter», ... love»; «Yours» (на отдельной строке);. • подпись автора ...

английский язык - ФИПИ

Хотя в тексте нет слов 'would like', 'truly', 'independent', которые есть в задании 1, ... населен, в то время как другая часть фразы – 'town is easy to miss', ...

английский язык - НВГУ

queen, question, quick, quite, queue. [k] ... The king cooked the carrots and the queen cut ... The thirty-three thieves thought that they thrilled the throne ... sun roof. I can afford 4) ….. second hand car, but I'd rather buy 5) … ... we need to go to Mars is not yet available. ... Those new mp3 players (be) …… very expensive. 9.

английский язык для юристов - (МГЮА).

4) necessity knows no law –- нужда не знает закона. 5. ... 7. to punish people without trial –наказывать людей без суда и следствия ... him to the police station and puts him in a police cell. 25. The police ... innocent by performing a miracle.

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The following words are used only in the plural: a) nouns denoting objects consisting of ... only in the plural? 3. Name several endings characteristic of a) masculine nouns; b) ... demonstrably false, negative pole, interrogative look, natural compounds, the. 20 ... Is the use of politically correct words always justified? ❑ Why do ...

Английский язык для начинающих радиотехнического ... - ПГУ

Finds, vessel, list, space, climate, mice, cat, fence, scene, clean, pencil, chance, gate, gentle, give, girl, ... 8) The yellow book is (Dan). ... Look at these adjectives and underline those ending in -y. All of these ... Ты уже перевел текст? I haven't ...

Английский язык в сфере строительства

Rewrite each sentence, putting the verb in bold in the Passive Voice: 1. Men tied ... leaving open space for the stars to be viewed and rain to enter. 8. A sharp ...


к кандидатскому экзамену по английскому языку ... Содержат требования к кандидатскому экзамену по иностранному ... working at our new arti- cle ...

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Who are your favourite English and American writers? 6. ... Коваленко И.Ю., Лосева А.В. Everyday English in Focus: учебное пособие для развития навыков ...

Под редакцией Е. Н. Малюга АНГЛИЙСКИЙ ЯЗЫК ДЛЯ ...

Translate the sentences into Russian. 1. The Treasury Select Committee of the House of Commons is seeking a Committee Specialist to assist with the inquiries.

английский язык - Финансовый университет

to listen to audio files and watch video online. It is also possible ... we expose security flaws we let the organization know they have a problem ... untilactivated can go unnoticed for months. ♢ 4. Discuss ... TV'channels' like the Anime Network.


Изначально Lingua franca (язык фран- ков) — это название конкретной языко- вой формы на основе лексики француз- ского, прованского и ...

Английский язык. 4 класс (В. П. Кузовлев, Э. Ш. Перегудова, О. В ...

фом (Daniel Radcliffe), Рупертом Гринтом (Rupert Grint), Эммой Уот- сон (Emma Watson), сыгравшими главные роли в фильмах о Гарри Пот- тере ...

английский язык для общепрофессиональной сферы общения

8. … is the namesake for the programming language? 9. … designed the ... Engine, that included the world's 1st computer program ... ticeable positive feedback loop in technology development, with each generation of improved ... ture, a _____ is a communication system that transfers _____ between components inside a ...

Английский язык для медицинских училищ и колледжей

Many snakes have sense that detects heat. Their heat detectors are ... Cells were discovered in the middle of the seventeenth century after the microscope was ...

английский язык - Кузбасский государственный технический ...

Answer the following questions; use the ideas from the text and those of yours: ... The first fast-food chains like McDonalds, Burger King, Arby's and. Wendy's ... After getting out of bed girls have to follow the same procedure as boys and do a lot ...

Английский язык в сфере информационных технологий

Прочитайте текст и скажите, как вы понимаете термины «информа ционное общество» ... cores, are capable of being in one or two possible states, that is, on or off; ... called the Electronic Discrete Variable Computer, or EDVAC, was able to ... execute, take away, require, act, convert, carryout, demand, permit, demon.

английский язык - Кубанский государственный аграрный ...

ложений используется вспомогательный глагол do для всех ... You run. You do not run. Do you run? 2. We run. We do not run. Do we run? 3. They run. They do not ... It is as easy to smile as frown. ... They assumed they would be dealing with a gang of dan- ... Прочтите текст и ответьте на вопросы, следующие за ним.

Бугрова А.С. Английский язык для биологических специальностей

deoribonucleic acid ribonucleic ... e. the number of nitrogen atoms in each amino acid differs from the ... instance a regulation, or an order from somebody else), we usu- ... B.S.Haldane in England noted that the oxygen-rich atmosphere that.

Английский язык для студентов-заочников - КнАГУ

rning until he goes a bad at night, he widely uses electric en- ergy. ... airfoil curvature relative to the wing chord, of the entire wing forward of the ai- leron.

английский язык - Большеглушицкий государственный техникум

диалоги, культуроведческие заметки, грамматический справочный мате риал, упражнения; в конце ... overlaid with certain gangster glamour in the 1960s.

Английский язык для направлений подготовки бакалавриата (в ...

the prettiest girl in the room”, so I felt very pleased. Jane Quick ... Number 100 was a red-headed fellow with a volcanic ... doorway was masked with a dark velvet curtain. ... worshipful awe of his unknown idol and the dread pleasure that.