Validity for Ownership of the Floating Houses on the ... - Atlantis Press

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- Dokumen Terkait

Validity for Ownership of the Floating Houses on the ... - Atlantis Press

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EXE - Atlantis Press

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PIGP - Atlantis Press

The core of the problem is the ineffectiveness of the Beginner Teacher Induction. Program (PIGP) for Solok City Elementary School teachers. This study uses a ...

UMKT - Atlantis Press

Muhammadiyah University of East Kalimantan (UMKT). I. INTRODUCTION ... UMKT logo can be achieved: IT-Based Paper Less University. The vision and ...

Volksraad - Atlantis Press

discourse analysis. The data obtained are Soeara Parindra magazine, the speech of Volksraad members, and the regulation of Dutch East Indies Government.

(SVM) Model - Atlantis Press

[email protected] Apif Miftahul Hajji ... composition of engineering students in UM. Table 2. ... Frequency of using e-material in SIAKAD as a learning ...

FUCK YOU - Atlantis Press

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Dakwah - Atlantis Press

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Nginang - Atlantis Press

Nginang culture is the name of the tradition of eating betel and usually, before eaten betelau first mixed with tobacco, lime, gambier, and betel nut. In this research, ...

Gay Language in Bali - Atlantis Press

they call Bahasa Bencong/Banci or Bahasa Gay (Gay language), a linguistic phenomenon based on the national language, Bahasa. Indonesia (Boellstorff ...

Language and Values - Atlantis Press

Angkot and Bus Language Decoration in Ranah Minangkabau. David Reeve ... Mu; Raja Dayak Gaul; Rasta Mania; Tante sexy; Toean Moeda;. Two one moeda ...

The Relationship Between Entrepreneurial Self ... - Atlantis Press

at UGM and others), entrepreneurship priority by ... entrepreneurship program development (PMW), ... behavior of UGM students who are entrepreneurs are.

Download article (PDF) - Atlantis Press

establishing Joint-BUMDes as part of a partnership. According to [7] ... Aspect. Cooperation. Factor. Joint-BUMDes Context. Ad min istrativ e-po litics. Government ... Milik Desa (BUMDes) Tirta Mandiri Desa Ponggok, Polanharjo,. Klaten.].

An Ethnography Research - Atlantis Press

Curriculum and syllabus that are used by SMAI NFBS are. National Curriculum ... schools in city and Districk Serang still have limited in. Advances in Social ...

Sosro, Ahlinya Teh - Atlantis Press

A Diachronic Analysis of Language Forms in Teh Botol Sosro's Television. Advertisements During ... Dengan teh seduh, ataupun teh celup, ditambah gula pasir.

based on aun-qa criteria - Atlantis Press

English Language Teaching Program at UNP is trying to improve its ... Language Teaching at UNP. ... standard of 425 ITP TOEFL score or 4.5 IELTS score.

The Internalization and Implementation of ... - Atlantis Press

competitive, cooperative society and mostly accommodate conflict (Naim, 2010). the Minangkabau ... Kumpulan karangan Mochtar Naim 1960-2012. Retrieved ...

the benefits of the qur'an as problem solving for ... - Atlantis Press

'amalan shalihan wala yusyrik bi 'ibadatirabbih ahadan”. This verse is recited once immediately before closing his eyes. For the same reason, another student ...

The Effect of Self-Efficacy, Competence, and ... - Atlantis Press

Para Pencari Kerja PT. Bina Talenta. Jurnal Al-Azhar Imdo- nesia Seri ... Pengembangan Karir dan Self-efficacy. Terhadap Kinerja Karyawan Pada PT. Matahari ...

The Disappearance of Kopohan Batik From The ... - Atlantis Press

background of Kejawen beliefs. In the topic of ceremonial traditions among Javanese people, there are some which mention about batik kopohan even.

Implemetation of Snort IPS Using PfSense as ... - Atlantis Press

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The Comparison Between Laughter and SEFT ... - Atlantis Press

Laughter and SEFT(Spiritual Emotional Freedom Technique) therapies are effective to decrease stress level. The aim of this research is to compare the influence ...

The Analysis of Issues and Needs of Special ... - Atlantis Press

for students with disabilities at Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS). ... Accessible pedestrian path in the front of SPMB Office UNS ... Universitas Brawijaya; 2016.

Existence of Teacher as Educator Who has a ... - Atlantis Press

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Management of Higher Education in the ... - Atlantis Press

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The Grammatical Structure of Discourse in The ... - Atlantis Press

jikalau, jika, bilamana, apabila, dalam hal (in ... markers and the addition chord sequence appear at the ... conjunction marker, jika, bila, apabila, jikalau, kalau.

verified gross mass - Atlantis Press

deciding in article 3 that before the container is loaded onto the vessel, the. 694 ... Container Terminal), NPCT 1 (New Priok Container Terminal 1), MAL.

The Role of the Government in the Implementation of ... - Atlantis Press

Sri Maulidiah. Lecturer in Government Science Islamic University of Riau ... http :// Riau city regulation newbaru gentakin legalized.

Quercus Infectoria Gall - Atlantis Press

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Analysis of the IAS 41 Amendment's Application to ... - Atlantis Press

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The Application of a Star (A*) Algorithm on the ... - Atlantis Press ew/5221. [7]. Rahmawati, Nuri dkk. 2014. Extention Pgrouting A-Star untuk Menampilkan Kemiringan Jalan ...

The Acceptance and Use of E-Learning System ... - Atlantis Press

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thematic scientific interpretation of the qur'an in ... - Atlantis Press

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Vocational Education in the Era of Industry 4.0: An ... - Atlantis Press

... Humanities Research (ASSEHR), volume 201. International Conference on Indonesian Technical Vocational Education and Association (APTEKINDO 2018) ...

Vi-Learning in understanding the History of ... - Atlantis Press

Unesa. Efforts to develop Vi-learning is to give students an understanding of (1) Importantly digital literacy for the development of teaching history in the digital.