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Через опцию “Request author detail corrections” из профиля автора в самом Scopus: 3. Через “Request to merge authors” из результатов поиска.

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Open Access in Scopus - Elsevier

Через опцию “Request author detail corrections” из профиля автора в самом Scopus: 3. Через “Request to merge authors” из результатов поиска.

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Загрузка: Загружайте пакет PDF-файлов и ... IE 9,10,11. Обзор цитирования: Анализируйте документы, цитирующие ... Печать: Возможность отображать статьи в формате, ... найти журнал по его названию, ISSN, издательству. 2.

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Однако, чтобы журнал прошел экспер- тизу и был включен в этот индекс, качествен- ного оформления журнала и опубликованных в нем статей в ...

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How can you make corrections to an Author Profile? • What is ORCID and how does the integration with Scopus work? Page 6. TITLE OF ...

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21 Apr 2016 ... (1) Analyze Results. (2) View Citation Overview. (3) Browse Source & Compare Journals. (4) Scopus Profiles – Analyze Author ooutput.

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Tracking your book metrics is an important aspect of the post publishing process. You worked hard editing your book, and IntechOpen metrics allow you to ...

Open Vpn-access Server dengan Enskripsi Ssl/ti Open Ssl

Salah satu aplikasi yang bisa digunakan yaitu OpenVPN-Access Server ... Internet as a communication medium other than very beneficial for the ... para karyawan yang bersifat mobile dengan jaringan LAN yang ada di kantor ... ( ... dengan server VPN, gunakan aplikasi browser mozila firefox, chrome atau.

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Animal experimentation has a long tradition in diabetes research. In 1890, Von Merhing and Minkowski induced acute diabetes mellitus by removing the ...


... базе данных Scopus, присваивается уникальный идентификационный номер Author ID. Scopus создает профиль для каждого автора автоматически.

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Scopus – ежедневно обновляемая библиографическая и реферативная база данных ... дальнейшей переписки со Scopus Author Feedback Team (после ... Author · Preview. ( 7 ...

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SciVerse Scopus – крупнейшая в мире база данных рефератов и цитирования. Ежедневно ... базу данных. Scopus средствами Scopus Author Preview.

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Steadiness Compliance (DISC) merupakan salah satu alat tes psikologi untuk mengetahui tingkat kepribadian ... psikotes seleksi calon karyawan berdasarkan metode DISC yang akan dijadikan sebagai kriteria ... alat tes kepribadian menggunakan bantuan angka-angka dan ... Fungsi-fungsi yang salah atau hilang. b.

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Free Book Spot is a free e-books links library where you can find and download free books in almost any category. Free eBooks for Life. Discover all-new, rising ...

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Installation. Upgrading. Chapter 3: User Accounts. Roles in OJS. Registering with a Journal. Viewing and Changing your Profile. Resetting your Password.


Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy [ESGE] recommendation for quality control in ... provides conformation that a complete examination of the antrum, angulus and ... bermula dengan menyembur tekak anda dengan ubat bius tempatan atau.

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Antioxidant compounds that function as anti-cancer in kluwak seeds include vitamin C, iron ions, and Beta carotene which are the work of fermented kluwak seeds ...

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The species Escherichia coli comprises non-pathogenic commensal strains that form part ... Although it represents less than 1% of intestinal microbiota, E. coli is.


Thaker & Oza (2010) state Institutional Repository (IR) as an indispensable tool ... maximum utilization of the repository holdings. ... Binus University Repository.

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19 déc. 2018 ... Dans ce texte, que vous allez découvrir, Alain Caraco fait dix-huit proposi- ... Library Genesis 2M. url : (visité le 19/02/2018); ...

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Anderbeck, Karl, 2012, Portraits of Indonesian language vitality. ... shed light on the subject by understanding some significant triggers for shift. ... narrative, at the beginning of the last century, Sultan Rum of Berau, their overlord (puan ... Based on the data set collected from the novel, Sukreni Gadis Bali, we focus on three of.

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1. [9] M. Dixit, R. Kwitt, M. Niethammer, and N. Vasconce- los. AGA: Attribute-Guided Augmentation. In Proceed- ings of the IEEE Conference on Computer Vision ...

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The Download Locales section allows you to download new locales straight from the OJS website to your OJS install as they become available. To download ...

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11 Aug 2016 ... accurately hydranencephaly from holoprosencephaly or se- vere congenital hydrocephalus [5, 6]. In the present case, CT-scan demonstrates ...

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1) Full Package. It is also possible to upgrade by downloading the complete package for the latest release of OJS: - Download and decompress the package from ...

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29 May 2018 ... D7.1 State of the art report on open access publishing of research data in the humanities. HaS-DARIAH. INFRADEV-3-2015-Individual ...

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Bak çok komik, ben eşcinselim ama straight olsam ne değişecekti, ne ... they were exposed in, what they have been consuming were hot and anonymous. ... Also, some exceptions such as hentai and other specific types of porn that sprung.

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His main interests are the pathogenetic mechanisms, diagnosis and treatment of systemic autoimmune rheumatic diseases and, particularly, Sjögren's syndrome.

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Internet over the present subscribers' access lines, is ... Telenor is also obliged to set the subscription charge ... Standard cellular authentication procedure: SIM card (key Ki), ... phones to control the digital video recorder, playing ... ... bers in the table are based on the following para-.

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DOAJ (Dirctory of Open access Journal) Multi- disciplinary. Free e-Books · Indian Academy of Science · Educational Technology & Society · FreeBookSpot.

This is an open access article distributed under the Creative ...

URL: ba9f34. Богоявленская 2013 – Богоявленская Д.Б. Одаренность: природа и диагностика. М.: ЦНПРО, 2013. 207 с.

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24 Jun 2015 ... Fordyce spots are enlarged sebaceous glands that can occur on various body parts such as the lips, oral mucosa, penis, and, labia. Some.

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... vehicles in a given video (Fig. ... challenge contains a diverse set of stereo video sequences recorded in the ... 2 and crot = arccos(|q(ri) - q(r∗ i )|). Then, a set ...

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23 Dec 2015 ... Sialoliths is more common in the Submandibular salivary gland , which contain more. (82%) of inorganic material than other salivary gland stones ...

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Beberapa pengertian atau definisi tersebut menunjukkan bahwa istilah 'open access' meru- juk pada cara akses terhadap informasi, yaitu dengan cara ...

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IddHl^l. 78. Mat 202-03. 79. Id. at 203. 80. 897 N.E.2d 458 ...

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Dr. Ir. Chatarina Wariyah, M.P (Universitas Mercu Buana Yogyakarta, Indonesia). 2. Prof. Dr. I.r. Dwiyati Pujimulyani, M.P (Universitas Mercu Buana Yogyakarta, ...