Normal Modes for Non-Linear Vibratory Systems - Archive ouverte ...

8 Jul 2017 ... The results presented herein for non-linear systems reduce to modal analysis for the linearized system when non-linearities are neglected, even.

- Dokumen Terkait

Normal Modes for Non-Linear Vibratory Systems - Archive ouverte ...

8 Jul 2017 ... The results presented herein for non-linear systems reduce to modal analysis for the linearized system when non-linearities are neglected, even.

Horizontal vs. Vertical - Archive ouverte HAL

29 Sep 2017 ... Horizontal vs. Vertical: How the Orientation of a Large. Interactive Surface Impacts Collaboration in. Multi-Surface Environments. Lili Tong ...

Hepatotoxicity from green tea - Archive ouverte HAL

11 Nov 2010 ... Hepatotoxicity from green tea: a review of the literature and two unpublished cases. ... holic extracts contain both hydrophilic and lipophilic.

apis mellifera - Archive ouverte HAL

1 Jan 1982 ... Apidologie, Springer Verlag, 1982, 13 (4), pp.347-352. hal-. 00890577 ... FREE and SPENCER-BOOTH (1959) reported marked variations in the length of life of worker ... Apimondia Pubi., Bucharest, pp. 55-58. KU LIN.

Gap Analysis Report - Archive ouverte HAL

10 May 2011 ... Gap Analysis Framework and refined Conceptual Models V2.0, Page 1. 1. Network of Excellence in Professional Learning. PROLEARN.

Requirements Engineering - Archive ouverte HAL

4 Apr 2018 ... To cite this version: Amel Bennaceur, Thein Tun, Yijun Yu, Bashar Nuseibeh. Requirements Engineering. Handbook of. Software Engineering ...

du jeu vidéo au serious game - Archive ouverte HAL

9 déc. 2015 ... Serious game, jeu vidéo, classification, gameplay, game design, brique Gameplay, ... Nous avons ainsi réuni un panel constitué des trois.

from Emil Kraepelin to DSM-III - Archive ouverte HAL

1 Mar 2011 ... This paper deals with: (1) three aspects of Kraepelinian psychiatry – descriptive psychiatry, Kraepelin's devotion to empirical research and his.

MoDisco in a Nutshell! - Archive ouverte HAL

11 Feb 2016 ... The MoDisco initiative actually started back in 2006 when the AtlanMod Team (INRIA & Ecole des Mines de Nantes) [3] and Mia-Software ( ...

L'orientamento astronomico di Torino - Archive ouverte HAL

27 dic 2018 ... Scridb, 2012, 21 November. L'orientamento astronomico di Torino. Amelia Carolina Sparavigna,. Dipartimento Scienza Applicata e Tecnologia, ...

Between Kraepelin and Freud: the integrative ... - Archive ouverte HAL

1 Mar 2011 ... Locating Hoch's guiding principles within the context of Kraepelin's clinical psychiatry, I analyse how Hoch mediated the demands of classification ...

Two-Player Tower of Hanoi - Archive ouverte HAL

29 Aug 2017 ... The Tower of Hanoi game is a classical puzzle in recreational mathematics (Lucas 1883) which also has a strong record in pure mathematics.

What did I do Wrong in my MOBA Game? - Archive ouverte HAL

26 Oct 2016 ... What did I do Wrong in my MOBA Game?: Mining Patterns Discriminating Deviant Behaviours. International Conference on Data Science and ...

Towards sustainable tourism in Bali? - Archive ouverte HAL

3 Aug 2017 ... Air Panas Banjar: Close to Lovina; northern Bali. The site is characterized by natural sulphur springs, organized into pools. The site is highly ...

pathogenesis and epidemiology of hog cholera - Archive ouverte HAL

1 Jan 1987 ... Historically, the term hog cholera (HC) refers to a serious disease which appears to have produced fatal losses up to 27 % of the pig population ...

Introduction: Towards Biography Theory - Archive ouverte HAL

31 Mar 2015 ... manuscript traces of the growth and birth of a text in the crucible of its ... hardly ever the horizon of biography, whose purpose is not imitative, ...

Article Reference - Archive ouverte UNIGE

tem software, version 9.1.3 (SAS institute, Cary, NC, USA), with sig- nificance achieved at ... 19.0 (7-30). 0.000 ... cochlear implantation: an update. Ital J Pediatr ...

Poster Reference - Archive ouverte UNIGE

14 Sep 2017 ... Poster. Reference. On low(er) wh-positions in Trevigiano and the in ... (8) pensi-tu ke [SubjP el [TP magnar`a [whP cossa [VP ts tv cossa ]]]]]?

Néoplatonisme et philosophie comparée - Archive ouverte HAL

Néoplatonisme et philosophie comparée. Le champ par excellence de la philosophie comparée, ce sont les pensées à la fois authentiquement philosophiques ...

Dictionary of the Apatani Language - Archive ouverte HAL

31 Dec 2016 ... Sadly, India's Northeast Region, which hosts 120 out of country 196 ... hota vt. to throw something sticky at someone or something, as when throwing mud. hoye vt. to ... kuch kuch kuch interj. interjection used to call dogs.

Transition metal alloys - Archive ouverte HAL

2014 A particular interest in the properties of transition metal alloys at the present time is the problem of the occurrence of localised electron spins. There is also ...

Strategic Environmental Scanning - Archive ouverte HAL

24 Jul 2017 ... Environmental scanning is the tool used in analysis of the environment and its effectiveness depends on some underlying factors. Opportunities ...

Free riding as mechanism - Archive ouverte HAL

23 May 2017 ... Free Riding as Mechanism. Pierre Salmon*. July 1996. * Revised version of a paper presented at the International Economic Association.

WCET of OCaml Bytecode on Microcontrollers - Archive ouverte HAL

30 Oct 2019 ... PICBIT: A Scheme system for the PIC microcontroller. In. Proceedings of the 4th Workshop on Scheme and Functional Programming, Boston, ...

Null objects in second language acquisition - Archive ouverte HAL

1 Mar 2011 ... Second Language Research, SAGE Publications, 2008, 24 (1), ... Keywords: argument omission, null objects, direct object drop, Spanish clitics ...

Collected Orations of Pope Pius II. Vol. 10 - Archive ouverte HAL

4 Dec 2019 ... Edited and translated by Michael von Cotta-Schönberg. Vol. 10: Orations 64-77 ... which Pius referred to Bosnia's feudal overlord, King Matthias.

Patterns of Schizophrenia Symptoms: Hidden ... - Archive ouverte HAL

5 Oct 2018 ... inter-rater reliability, the assessment that the scale's score is not ... Syndrome Scale (PANSS) to increase the measure's replicability and ...

Living in a Kraepelinian world: Kraepelin's ... - Archive ouverte HAL

1 Mar 2011 ... Keywords: DSM; Emil Kraepelin; neo-Kraepelinian; psychiatric nosology; psychiatry. It is hard to imagine a debate taking place today among ...

Automatic Software Repair: a Bibliography - Archive ouverte HAL

29 Sep 2015 ... Automatic software repair is challenging because fixing bugs is a difficult task. ... ACM Computing Surveys, Vol. online, No. , Article , Publication date: June 2017. ... Abraham and Erwig [1] suggest change in Excel formulas.

Electronic crystals: an experimental overview - Archive ouverte HAL

26 Mar 2014 ... Fermi level from the coupling of a 2kF wave vector with the underlying lattice. ... [614] R.E. Thorne, K. Cicak, K.O. Neill, and S.G. Lemay, J. Phys.

Генезис и обреченность дигитальных книг - Archive ouverte HAL

31 янв 2018 ... Tsvetkova, Milena I. Genesis and foredoom of digital books. ... стриминг технологии – Oyster, Scribd, Read Petite, Kindle Unlimited. Amazon'a ...

Laboratory alluvial fans in one dimension - Archive ouverte HAL

13 Apr 2017 ... When they reach a flat plain, rivers often deposit their sediment load into a cone-shaped structure called alluvial fan. We present a simplified ...

Tensorial Description of Chord Progressions - Archive ouverte HAL

21. 0 1 8. 9. 2. 3. 10 11 4. 6. 12 14. 5. 7. 13 15. 22. 0 1 2. 3. 8. 9. 10 11 4. 6. 12 14 ... Corpus of chord sequences extracted from 45 pop songs n° ... Guns n Roses.

Ethnographies of Islam: Ritual Performances ... - Archive ouverte HAL

2 Sep 2019 ... of the Prophet Muhammad in Turkey, Richard and Nancy Tapper brought a critical reassessment of ... Muhammed Marmaduke Pickthall, New. Delhi: Kitab ... as analysed by Victor W. Turner, The Ritual Process. Structure and ...

On green routing and scheduling problem - Archive ouverte HAL

7 Mar 2012 ... The vehicle routing and scheduling problem has been studied with much ... objectives, uncertainty and routing decisions for hazardous materi-.

Book Chapter Reference - Archive ouverte UNIGE

Planes parallel to an axis intersect this axis at infinity and therefore have a Miller ... iv) The coherent neutron scattering length bc do not depends on the scattering an- gle 2θ. ... [13] Iwase, K.; Mori, K.; Hishinuma, Y.; Hasegawa, Y.; Iimura, S.;. Ishikawa, H. ... [59] Fukai, Y., The Metal-Hydrogen System 2nd edition. In Springer.