Intravitreal Triamcinolone - Karger Publishers

7 Aug 2010 ... cinolon, Vetalog, Volonimat, and Aristocort acetonide. [229] . The decreased water solubility accounts for its pro- longed duration of action [228] ...

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Intravitreal Triamcinolone - Karger Publishers

7 Aug 2010 ... cinolon, Vetalog, Volonimat, and Aristocort acetonide. [229] . The decreased water solubility accounts for its pro- longed duration of action [228] ...

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Ebrahimi Daryani, N.; Sadr, M.; Soltani, S.; Saghazadeh, A.; Moossavi, S.;. Shahkarami, S.; Farhadi, E.; ... (Beijing/Sanya); Nie, Z.-G. (Ürümqi). 123 Pregnancy ...

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Xerophthalmia. Definitions. The term xerophthalmia literally means 'dry eye.' However, dryness or xerosis, which also affects other parts of the body, is only part ...

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31 Jul 2019 ... plementation strategies and targets set, these countries show sim- ilarities in several ... conducted at four dance studios at Denpasar City in 2018. The ... Department, Poltekkes Kemenkes Gorontalo, Indonesia. Keywords: ...

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30 Jan 2020 ... AML-LSC, represents a suitable target for ex vivo purging of autologous stem cell ... 2007 and 2012 was downloaded from the EBMT database. ... Keating M.12, Call T.G.13, Brown J.R.14, Stevens-Brogan M.15, Li Y.15, Clow F.15, ... Results: We found that the original “wild-type” CLL-derived BCR is ca-.

The 1st International Gastrointestinal ... - Karger Publishers

18 Jan 2008 ... Topic NSAIDs Ulcer from Basics to Bedside: Consensus and Controversies ... 3 PREVALENCE OF NSAID-INDUCED GASTROPATHY IN ...

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4 Sep 2018 ... Bacground: Stroke is the highest number in National Brain ... 1National Brain Center Hospital, Jakarta – Indonesia, ... Malang, Indonesia.

Koplik Spots - Karger Publishers

26 Jan 2010 ... On physical examination, KS were found bilaterally on the buccal mucosa, consisting of irregular and confluent small white spots, making.

Hematologic and Immunophenotypic ... - Karger Publishers

Av. Bento Gonçalves 9500, CP 15053 ... face molecules in cord blood monocytes, lymphocytes ... umbilical cord CD34 cells, this work aimed at the deter-.

P81-08 THE PROTECTIVE EFFECTS OF ... - Karger Publishers

... cotonou/benin, ben; 4University of liege, centre Wallon de biologie industrielle, liege/belgium, ... 2Population Council, Islamabad, PAK; 3Pakistan Institute of. Medical Sciences ... Anang Otoluwa2, Abd. Razak Thaha2,;. 1 District health office, ...

Paragonimus westermani - Karger Publishers

14 Jan 2004 ... Paragonimus westermani is a tissue-invading parasitic worm that causes pulmonary paragonimiasis in humans. The patients show typical ...

Diabetes Insipidus - Karger Publishers

16 Mar 2012 ... resistance [nephrogenic diabetes insipidus (NDI)], or ex- cessive water intake (primary polydipsia). Polyuria is characterized by a urine volume ...

Ossified Cephalhematoma - Karger Publishers

1 Oct 2006 ... Calcification and ossifica- tion of such lesions occurs rarely. Ossification in cephal- hematoma is infrequent and restricted to few case reports only ...

On Emmetropia and Ametropia - Karger Publishers

On Emmetropia and Ametropia. G.W.H.M. van Alphen. From the Opthalmology Branch, National Institute of Neurological Diseases and. Blindness, National ...

A Review of Telehealth - Karger Publishers

Telehealth is an exciting new technique for improving access to specialist care, especially in underserviced areas. As with any new health care intervention, ...

Melena and Hematemesis - Karger Publishers

diseases may give rise to melena or hematemesis and to investigate the frequency of these complications in the various diseases. The frequency of bleeding ...

Six Months of Omeprazole 20 mg Daily, 20 mg ... - Karger Publishers

One hundred and fifteen patients were randomized to receive omeprazole 20 mg/day, 123 omeprazole 20 mg e.o.d. and 115 40 mg S/S. Twenty-eight dropped out ...

Evolutionary and Developmental Contributions ... - Karger Publishers

24 Apr 2014 ... basal ganglia, with a particular focus on the globus pallidus. Therefore, we review data on ... nucleus basalis (Meynert) p1–p3 prosomeres 1–3.

Molecular Mechanisms of Neonatal ... - Karger Publishers

26 Sep 2006 ... Munchausen by proxy syndrome. Copyright © 2006 S. ... 33 1 4981 6871, Fax 33 1 4981 2842, E-Mail [email protected] © 2006 S.

The Normal Tear Film - Karger Publishers

of inflow and outflow of tears, and briefly the pathways of nervous control of tear production in the main lacrimal gland and accessory lacrimal tissue. (2) The ...

Exercise-Induced Purpura - Karger Publishers

Purpura W Vasculitis W Exercise W Marathon W Walking. Abstract. Exercise-induced purpura (EIP) occurs on the lower legs after unusual or major muscular ...

Oxygen Saturation of 75%, but No Symptoms! - Karger Publishers

20 Oct 2016 ... normal lung volumes without restriction (TLC 6.06 L,. History. At the age of 30, ... Results. Normal range. Pulse oximetry. SpO2. 76–82%. >92%.

10 Diverticular Disease of the Colon - Karger Publishers

Hemorrhoids • Anal Vein Thrombosis and Anal. Fissures • Incontinence ... STW 5 (Iberogast) Therapy in Gastrointestinal Functional. Disorders: Malfertheiner, P.

The Importance of the Cervical Syndrome in ... - Karger Publishers

Introduction. The cervical syndrome is a group of myalgic and neuritic symptoms occurring in connection with alterations in the cervical part of the spinal column.

The Discovery of Wolbachia in Arthropods and ... - Karger Publishers

It has been subsequently demonstrated that Wolbachia is widespread in arthropods, infecting about 25–70% of species of insects, and is now known to be a ...

Combination of the Killip and TIMI ... - Karger Publishers

17 Feb 2011 ... Results: Higher Killip class was associated with increased 1-year mortality: 6, 24, 42 and 60% in Killip 1–4, respectively. Applying the TIMI score ...

Itraconazole Compared with Griseofulvin in the ... - Karger Publishers

1 Mar 1991 ... Dermatology 1992;184:45-50. Itraconazole Compared with Griseofulvin in the Treatment of. Tinea corporis/cruris and Tinea pedis/manus: An.

Cellular Innate Immunity - Karger Publishers

23 Dec 2016 ... Innate immune responses are typically rapid and can be triggered without the selective events that un- derlie adaptive immunity, which is ...

Accessory Breast Carcinoma - Karger Publishers

24 Apr 2009 ... ary breast, as opposed to aberrant tissue referring to ectopic breast tissue ... 20 Speert H: Supernumerary mammae with special reference to ...

Hemospray® during Emergency Endoscopy - Karger Publishers

6 Feb 2020 ... bSanto Borromeus Hospital Bandung, Bandung, Indonesia. Keywords. Hemospray® · Hemostatic powder · Gastrointestinal bleeding ...

Nucleobindin-2/Nesfatin-1 in the Human ... - Karger Publishers

9 Jan 2019 ... fatin-1. Negative controls were prepared by omitting the primary antibody or by ... in rat brain and spinal cord autonomic nuclei. Neurosci Lett.

A Perspective on Recurrent Vertigo - Karger Publishers

21 Jun 2013 ... Vertigo · Viral etiology · Positional vertigo ... Recurrent vertigo represents a significant disability with serious economic ... nuclear sap (arrows).

Treatment of Tinea Capitis - Karger Publishers

17 Jan 2019 ... The treatment of tinea capitis requires systemic anti- ... US and Central America ... effective in treating tinea capitis due to Trichophyton spe-.

Psoriasis Vulgaris Exacerbation during ... - Karger Publishers

9 Aug 2018 ... Case and Review. Psoriasis Vulgaris Exacerbation during Treatment with a PD-1. Checkpoint Inhibitor: Case Report and Literature Review.

Wilms' Tumor in Children: An Overview - Karger Publishers

11 Jan 2008 ... Renal tumors are the fifth most common tumor in children [1] , and Wilms' tumor is the most frequently oc- curring renal tumor in children.

Keto Acid Therapy in CKD Patients - Karger Publishers

The Hungarian Ketosteril® follow-up cohort study. (1995–1997) evaluates the feasibility and effects of a low protein diet supplemented with keto acids/amino ...