Package 'soql' - CRAN

1 Apr 2016 ... Add SODA API endpoint. Description. Add an endpoint to an already-existing soql object. Usage soql_add_endpoint(soql_list, endpoint).

- Dokumen Terkait

Package 'soql' - CRAN

1 Apr 2016 ... Add SODA API endpoint. Description. Add an endpoint to an already-existing soql object. Usage soql_add_endpoint(soql_list, endpoint).

Package 'gdm' - CRAN

Package 'gdm'. February 5, 2020. Type Package. Title Generalized Dissimilarity Modeling. Version 1.4. Date 2020-02-04. Author Matthew C. Fitzpatrick, Karel ...

Package 'ora' - CRAN

Oracle SQL*Plus DESC command. ... desc(table, tolower=TRUE, dots=FALSE, ...) Arguments table. Oracle table name ... A data frame with named rows and the following columns: ... for all Oracle tables, but are more likely to be available when the main argument table has the full ... Run SQL query returning an R data frame.

Package 'ssh' - CRAN

9 Apr 2019 ... April 9, 2019. Type Package. Title Secure Shell (SSH) Client for R. Version 0.6. Description Connect to a remote server over SSH to transfer ...

Package 'hnp' - CRAN

and Demétrio, C. G. B. (2017) Half-normal plots and overdispersed models in R: the hnp package. Journal of Statistical Software 81(10):1-23 ...

Package 'CTT' - CRAN

spearman.brown, disattenuated.cor, subscales, polyserial. Author(s). John T. Willse <[email protected]>, Zhan Shu. References. Crocker, L. & Algina, J. (1986).

Package 'sdm' - CRAN

3 Feb 2020 ... Naimi, B., Araujo, M.B. (2016) sdm: a reproducible and extensible R ... useful when the Raster* object introduced in x is big, then a random ...

Package 'mcr' - CRAN

Calculate resampling BCa confidence intervals for intercept, slope or bias given a vector of boot- strap and jackknife point estimates. Usage mc.calc.bca(Xboot, ...

Package 'rsq' - CRAN

27 Sep 2018 ... adj logical; if TRUE, calculate the adjusted partial R^2. type the type of R-squared used: 'v' (default) – variance-function-based (Zhang, 2016), ...

Package 'gbp' - CRAN

28 Jan 2017 ... k: ticket id indicator 0 (if cannot fit into any bin), 1, 2, 3, 4, ... <vector>. - kb: ticket bn id indicator - which bn to use for packing each ticket <vector>.

Package 'MUS' - CRAN

20 Mar 2019 ... Evaluate a sample using Monetary Unit Sampling. At the end of the evaluation step, you get to know the audit conclusion for the population. To ...

Package 'bfw' - CRAN

25 Nov 2019 ... Package 'bfw'. November 25, 2019. Version 0.4.1. Date 2019-11-24. Title Bayesian Framework for Computational Modeling. Maintainer ...

Package 'cwm' - CRAN

17 Mar 2013 ... Package 'cwm'. February 19, 2015. Type Package. Title Cluster Weighted Models by EM algorithm. Version 0.0.3. Date 2013-03-26.

Package 'CDM' - CRAN

10 Mar 2020 ... The package contains a util- ity method for the simulation of artificial data based on a CDM model (sim.din). It also con- tains seven internal ...

Package 'rgoogleslides' - CRAN

3 Sep 2018 ... The google slide request to be applied to the slides ... Create a new googleslide ... Check if the object is a google slide request object.

Package 'dplR' - CRAN

4 days ago ... rwl and saved to an .rda file using save. Usage data(ca533). Format. A data.frame containing 34 tree-ring ...

Package 'translateR' - CRAN

9 Jul 2014 ... Title Bindings for the Google and Microsoft Translation APIs. Version 1.0 ... Google, translate column in dataset google.dataset.out ...

Package 'digest' - CRAN

23 Feb 2020 ... of hash digests of arbitrary R objects (using the 'md5', 'sha-1', 'sha-256', ... be used for both encryption and decryption, but in CBC, CFB and ...

Package 'survAUC' - CRAN

4 Sep 2012 ... rsp, lp, lpnew, times). Page 5. 5. Arguments. Surv.rsp. A Surv(.,.) object containing to the outcome of the training data. A ...

Package 'irr' - CRAN - R Project

26 Jan 2019 ... Title Various Coefficients of Interrater Reliability and Agreement ... a numeric vector of weights, starting from perfect agreement to worst ...

Package 'Bolstad2' - CRAN

scaleFactor <- sintegral(theta, ppnPost)$int posterior <- ppnPost/scaleFactor cdf <- sintegral(theta, posterior)$y ci<-credInt(theta, cdf) par(mfrow=c(2,2)) plot(prior ...

Package 'OncoBayes2' - CRAN

11 Feb 2020 ... EXchangeability-NonEXchangeability parameter modelling for flexible borrowing from historical or concurrent data-sources. The safety model.

Package 'PELVIS' - CRAN

22 Jul 2019 ... An R-Shiny application implementing a method of sexing the human os coxae based on logis- tic regressions and Bruzek's nonmetric traits ...

Package 'trafo' - CRAN

27 Nov 2018 ... Package 'trafo'. November 27, 2018. Title Estimation, Comparison and Selection of Transformations. Version 1.0.1. Date 2018-11-26.

Package 'googledrive' - CRAN

19 Aug 2019 ... Description Manage Google Drive files from R. ... This function downloads a file from Google Drive. ... Defaults to Inf, i.e. there is no limit and.

Package 'anthro' - CRAN

8 Jan 2020 ... Package 'anthro'. January 8, 2020. Version 0.9.2. Title Computation of the WHO Child Growth Standards. Description Provides WHO Child ...

Package 'eoffice' - CRAN

25 Nov 2019 ... Author Kai Guo. Maintainer Kai Guo <[email protected]>. Description Provides wrap functions to export and import graphics and.

Package 'BayesX' - CRAN

read.gra,read.bnd,drawmap. Examples x <- c(3,3,5,9.5,11,11) y <- c(2,4,4,6,4.5,5) xymap <- createxymap(x, y, districts=c("A","B","C","D","E","F"), max.dist=2).

Package 'mboost' - CRAN

18 Feb 2020 ... matrix containing the number of successes and number of failures. ... df(λ) = trace(2S − S S), ... Manitz, P. Burger, C.I. Amos, A. Risch, J.C. Chang-Claude, H.E. Wichmann, T. ... example is given below which also shows how to obtain the ... "bns" are deprecated and only in the list for backward compatibility.

Package 'KeyboardSimulator' - CRAN

10 Jan 2019 ... Description Control your keyboard and mouse with R code by simulat- ing key presses and ... button character. The key press to simulate (not case sensitive). hold logical. ... mouse.move(x, y, duration = NA, step_ratio = 0.01).

Package 'RSocrata' - CRAN

23 Oct 2019 ... or a 'Socrata' Open Data API (SoDA) web query, or a 'Socrata' ``human-friendly'' URL, returns an R data frame. Converts dates to 'POSIX'.

Package 'exams' - CRAN

6 Jul 2019 ... ARSnova, and TCExam. In addition to fully customizable PDF exams, a standardized PDF format. (NOPS) is provided that can be printed, ...

Package 'RgoogleMaps' - CRAN

12 Feb 2020 ... maps, and (ii) Use the map as a background image to overlay plots within R. ... For offline usage, these map tiles are stored in a local directory ... polygons to overlay; these can be either of class PolySet from the package PB-.

Package 'embed' - CRAN

7 Jan 2020 ... Package 'embed'. January 7, 2020. Version 0.0.5. Title Extra Recipes for Encoding Categorical Predictors. Description Predictors can be ...

Package 'Bolstad' - CRAN

9 Oct 2018 ... Note the syntax for sintegral has changed results = normgcp(x,1,density="user",mu=mu,mu.prior=mu.prior) cdf = sintegral(mu,results$posterior ...

Package 'tuneR' - CRAN

8 Jul 2018 ... resentation in various ways, read mp3, read midi, perform steps of a ... Functions to extract a channel from a stereo Wave object, and to join ...